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Other 60Hz voltages - up to 600 VAC. Find your Transfer Switch with us, today. Transfer Switch Series 300, 230 Amp w/ Manual, 3 Phase. Get the best deals on 400 Amp Transfer Switch. Extended warranties: 3, 4, or 5 years. Delayed Transition configuration (ADTS) for transfer of loads between power sources with a timed load disconnect position for an adjustable period of time of 0-5 minutes (uses Frame J). What is an automatic transfer switch? 300g controller operators manual.

asco series 185 owners manual. A second section contains the power transfer switch. This ASCO Series 300 (MTS) Manual Transfer Switch is designed to manually transfer single phase loads up to 400A. Benefits of Purchasing a UL1008 listed ASCO 185 series 100 Amp, 200 Amp, 230 A, 260 A or 400 Amp transfer switch: The highest quality and most complete power transfer switch for Residential and Light duty commercial applications; The peace of mind that comes with purchasing from the industry leader and the pioneer in every major transfer switch. TELECOM TYPICAL APPLICATIONS.

Accessory 1UP UPS Back Up Power- Allows controller to run up to 3 minutes without AC power. Adjustable time-delay feature prevents switch from being activated due to momentary utility power outages and generator dips. Check the Briggs & Stratton By ASCO SeriesAmp Automatic Transfer Switch (277/480V 3-Phase) ratings before checking out. Asco transfer switches include a microprocessor controller. ascoamp 2 pole 120/240 volt,. • Sizes available fromamps, 600 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, single or three phase. Do not manually operate the transfer switch until both power sources are disconnected: open both circuit.

7000 Series Transfer Switch. asco 300g 400 amp 2 pole 120/240 volt,. ASCO Delayed-Transition Transfer Switches are designed to provide transfer of loads between power sources with a timed load disconnect position for an adjustable time period. Residents of townships, cities and counties rely on police, fire, ambulance/first aid and other critical public sector services. Available in open, closed and delayed transition designs allowing maintenance with no interruptions. ASCO 185 AUTOMATIC& MANUAL TRANSFER SWITCHES FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS. asco automatic transfer switch 400 amp 3 pole 208 volt, nema 3r enclosure, p/n j03atsa30400cg0f IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, OR WANT TO PLACE AN ORDER BY PHONE PLEASE CALL OR • An ASCO SerieS 185 Automatic Transfer Switch is the vital electrical link that helps make continuous power virtually seamless and hassle free. Accessory 11BE Feature Bundle- (A) Fully programmable engine exerciser with seven independent routines to exercise the engine generator, with or without loads, on a daily, weekly, bi – weekly or monthly basis.

When time is a critical factor, such as when responding to a fire alarm or an emergency call, an ASCO SerieS300 Transfer Switch can be a lifesaver, by automatically switching to power from the backup generator. Engine exerciser to automatically test backup generator each week with or without load (order Accessory 11BE or 72EE for more engine exerciser options). Get the best deals on 400 Amp Transfer asco 400 amp manual transfer switch Switch when you shop the largest. · ASCO 7000 Series Automatic Transfer Switch 4 Volt 4 Pole.

Inphase monitor to transfer motor loads, without any intentional off time, to prevent inrush currents from exceeding normal starting levels. 400 AMP ASCO Transfer Switch, 3 Pole NEMA3R 208V ASCO ATS Series 300 3ATSA30400CG0F. ASCO SIGMA LT Controls Simplify Load Testing in Distributed or Space-Limited Applications. Automatic Transfer Switches switch loads to an alternate power source without operator input. 2: ASCOPower Transfer Switch rated 200 Amps Fig. Accessory 18RX Relay Expansion Module (REX)- Provides for some c. · Fig.

7: ASCOPower Transfer Switch rated 3000 Amps Fig. See full list on ascopower. 4: ASCOPower Transfer Switch rated 600 Amps Series 300 POWER TRANSFER SWITCHES. Without a constant flow of electric power the telecom, agriculture, light industrial and municipal industries, as well as your home would halt. we can supply any asco transfer switch, and we probably have the one you need in. See full list on steadypower. Click to read our Help Topics on Transfer Switches. sizes) is provided on the Transfer Switch for maintenanc e purposes only.

50Hz frequency/voltages. 400 Amp ASCO 300 Manual Transfer Switch 3 Phase 4 Pole, three phase, switched neutral, various voltages available. Please Note: Some Specs (including withstand ratings, dimensions, and weights) may vary with some of the options above. Textured RAL 7035 light beige color: Meets National Electrical Code (NEC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements. Get the best deals on Asco Transfer Switch when you shop.

Buy Briggs & Stratton 071115 Direct. • ASCO S erieS 185 Automatic Transfer Switches are suitable for operation with most portable or permanently mounted standby genera -. Call Us:. (D) Common Alarm Output Contact. Do you have installation questions? Easy to navigate 128x64 graphical LCD display with keypad provides LED indicators for switch position, source availability, not in auto, and alert condition.

7000 Series Medium Voltage Transfer Switches. Search our download center to find drawings, asco 400 amp manual transfer switch manuals and data sheets for your product. ASCO 400 AMP AUTOMATIC TRANSFER. transfer sequences The ASCO 4000 SERIES Bypass Isolation Transfer Switch provides the necessary capabilities and features required to reliably transfer critical loads between differing power sources. User-friendly control interface with easy to understand symbols and visual indicators. ASCO Delayed-Transition Transfer Switches are designed.

Bypass Isolation Transfer Switches Bypass features enable the transfer switch mechanism to be isolated for service without disrupting power to loads. Contact our support team for technical help and information. GE TC35325R Double Throw Safety Switch 400 Amp 3R 240V 3P Manual Transfer 400A.

Refer to publication 1128 for specific manufacturer’s breakers series 300 Power Transfer Switches Fig. Ideal for commercial, telecom, municipal, healthcare, and light industrial applications. Engine exerciser setting can be displayed and changed from the Group G Controller user interface keypad.

3: ASCO Power Transfer Switch rated 400 Amps Fig. Is the Asco series300 transfer switch lifesaver? (B) Event Log display showing the event number, time and date of event, event type, and event reason (if applicable). ASCO 4000 SERIES Power Transfer Switch For Industrial Applications. Visit General Power online to shop for a 600 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch. Automatic Switch Company (ASCO) provides the solutions to handle the transfer of critical loads to emergency sources reliably and with state of the art products. Pole Mount Manual Transfer.

Quality 400 Amp manual & automatic transfer switches from Asco, Boltswitch, Ronk, & Thomson. Provides innovative and flexible solutions for temporary backup power applications UL 1008 For optional standby transfer switches and Meets NFPA 110 standards for Emergency and Standby Power Systems and NEC® Article 700. It also includes test and time delay bypass soft keys. 400 Amp ASCO 300 Service Entrance Rated Automatic Transfer Switch 3 Phase 3 Pole is suitable for use as service entrance equipment.

LOW pricing & EXPERT sales/application assistance. Current limiting fuse for 3ADTS/3NDTS onlyamp should be Class L type 2. (C) RS 485 Communications Port on Group G Controller asco 400 amp manual transfer switch enabled.

DELAYED-TRANSITION TRANSFER SWITCHING Fig. Service entrance models available. 3: Four pole, Delayed-Transition Transfer Switch rated 400 amperes in Type 1 enclosure.

Please see the Accessories Tab above for more information and to order. Premium performance in pre-configured solutions that ship quickly. Use the ATS only within the limits shown on this nameplate. Removable transfer switch mechanism enables service without interrupting power to loads.

Simple, cost-efficient switches for operator-initiated load transfer, with optional integrated quick connects. Residentsof townships, cities and counties rely on police, fire, ambulance/first aid and other critical public sector services. The ASCO 300SE Service Entrance Automatic Transfer Switch uses the same reliable transfer switching mechanism and controller as the SERIES 300 product platform, and also includes a utility circuit breaker as a disconnect device.

6: ASCOPower Transfer Switch rated Amps shown in Type 3R enclosure Fig. Integrated multilingual user interface for configuration and monitoring. .

Do you have installation questions? While not all municipal services are a matter of life and death, they are always expected to be there. View our digital binder 2. Our most advanced method of transferring all types of load in mission critical applications. Exceeding the rating can cause personal injury or serious equipment damage. View all our transfer switch brochures, data sheets, and technical documents in one place.

A maximum of 300 events can be stored. PRODUCT FEATURES: • Suitable for use as service entrance equipment. Automatic Transfer Switches Automatic Transfer Switches switch loads to an alternate power source without operator input. Ideal for manually switching to a temporary generator during a power outage. Other enclosures: Open Style, UL Type 4, 4X, or 12. Do not exceed the values on the rating label. Adjustable time-delays for engine start, engine cooldown, transfer, and re-transfer. we can supply any asco transfer switch, and asco 400 amp manual transfer switch we probably have the one you need in stock.

Boltswitch and Ronk models are mechanically operated. 1: ASCO Power Transfer Switch rated 200 amperes. .

The ASCO SerieS 300 Transfer Switch can be a critical component of a municipal government’s emergency power backup system. ASCO Power Technologies Releases Updated Digital Catalog. Applications include older style variable frequency drives,. Asco and Thomson models are electrically operated. 3(F) NFPA 110. Please see the Asco 300 Brochure above for details. Find your document 2.

Choose from optional enclosure types NEMA 1, 3R, TYPE 4, TYPE 3RX, TYPE 4X and system options. Compare features across ASCO&39;s comprehensive range of automatic transfer switches. ASCO Series 7000 Soft Load - ASCO 7000 Soft Load Series automatic transfer switches when critical power protection and CITT or BIS is required.

(Also available as a customer-installed Field Kit. Statistical ATS system monitoring information. A 400 Amp, D frame, 115-600V, ASCO automatic transfer switch with an open transition that monitors incoming utility power. Please Call to Order Transfer Switches With These Options: 1.

Password protection. Nameplate The Transfer Switch nameplate includes data for each specific ASCO 7000 Series ATS. We offer 400 amp single phase manual transfer switches from Asco, Boltswitch, Ronk, and Thomson.

Asco 400 amp manual transfer switch

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